New lineup reveal at Roadburn Redux 2021

We are excited (and very honored) to present the band’s new lineup, performing songs from Immoto, at the Roadburn Festival online event in April 2021. Please visit for more information on the event.

Francesco and Andrea have decided to step down from having an active musical role within Nero di Marte. Their reasoning and decisions have been long thought out and were not driven by either conflict or creative divergences, but rather by different priorities in their life. Both of course continue to be our best friends and we have all expressed our desire to collaborate in creating more music for Nero together, in some form, when the time is right.

It’s impossible to put into words what these years together have been like. On a personal note, I (Sean) feel lucky to have met them by chance through our common musical sensibilities, but the relationship we have is one of the most meaningful in my life.

However, the present and future of the band is bright and erupting with creativity. As we moved our headquarters from Bologna to Rome last year, we’ve had the opportunity to add two incredibly talented, creative, thoughtful people to the project. Alessio Cattaneo (Onryo) and Giorgio Figà Talamanca (HateLimbs) joined the band during the course of 2020, both having an exceptionally deep understanding of the band’s music, bringing much welcomed new ideas and energy to the fold, propelling the band in very promising new territories… Please look very much forward to it.

The new lineup is as follows:

Sean Worrell: Vocals, Guitar
Alessio Cattaneo: Guitar
Giorgio Figà Talamanca: Bass
Giulio Galati: Drums

And now, a few words from both Francesco and Andrea.


“As some of you may have noticed from the band’s latest shows and videos, I am no longer musically active in Nero di Marte.
The reasons for this decision are probably too long and boring to be transcribed here. What is certain is that it wasn’t easy to step out of a project in which you have heavily contributed for more than a decade, but it was done with the assurance that other people will continue to keep it going and that there will always be room in the future to make new music together. Music still has the same importance to me as it has always had, it is a daily desire and necessity, but now only within my own personal sphere and without any audience.
I think that this project over the years has acquired a musical identity that in part can transcend the people who are a part of it. It’s an aura, a pathos, something that is difficult to define, yet fully evident when encountered. There is still a lot of music to explore, refine and transform with newcomers Alessio and Giorgio: I know that there will be something of mine even in albums that I will not write, and will also have the privilege of listening to them with the same enthusiasm of someone listening to his favorite band.”


“It’s been a few months already since I made the painful decision to no longer be active in Nero di Marte. Without dwelling too much on the reasons for this decision (none of which were driven by conflict), I felt that it was best if my role was filled by someone who can immerse themselves in doing this type of music in full harmony with themselves and with others, as well as with the right intention and desire to experiment.
These last ten years have been, musically speaking, the most extreme, beautiful, demanding journey I have ever shared with other people: a slice of life that transcends the musical notes we’ve created together. A privilege I can only express through my sincere thanks to the people involved. Samu, Sean, Francesco, Giulio. Each of them made possible a certain way of interpreting and creating music, with both a playfulness in their approach towards their instrument and the gravitas of bringing concrete ideas to fruition.
Perhaps the future will give us the opportunity to share much more together – this project has always been about a precise musical intention rather than simply its creation. Only time will tell. Certain connections and relationships never cease to exist. During this musical process of sharing and evolving my life has changed and become more positive just because of being a part of it.
I also want to give my best wishes to Alessio and Giorgio, as I anxiously wait to hear what will come out of this new chapter for the band!”