EP now online on Bandcamp

31 Jul
July 31, 2014

Today we are finally releasing the Indiegogo Split EP with Void of Sleep in digital form. If you contributed to the campaign a download code has been sent to your email address.
The EP is available for streaming and digital purchase on bandcamp:


The physical 7″, shirts, posters and other perks (exclusive to the Indiegogo campaign) will be sent out in August/September. We thank you once again for your patience. Enjoy!


21 Jun
June 21, 2014

Tonight will be our last planned show with Void of Sleep after the terrible incident in Rome almost 3 months ago. Chalet Rock Pub in Costa Masnaga (LC) is one of the venues that is hosting us through the “Live Show” perk from the Indiegogo campaign. They are helping us immensely so we invite you to come and support this concert.

As far as the Indiegogo campaign packages, we fell a little behind our planned schedule but now everything is nearing completion. We will have downloads for who bought the digital EP available in early July and will start sending the physical 7” copies, shirts and other perks by August.
If you have purchased a shirt you will soon receive an email to sort out design and size details.

Finally, on an unrelated note, we have finished recording our second album, which will be released later this fall. More details very soon.

Thank you for your patience and immense support during these times.

NERO DI MARTE – VOID OF SLEEP: Stolen gear donations and Split EP

29 Mar
March 29, 2014


As some of you may know, on Sunday March 23rd after a show in Rome, Nero di Marte and Void of Sleep were robbed of all their instruments and gear.

In less than 30 minutes someone broke into our van and was able to take everything. It happened in broad daylight near a police station in Rome, despite there being a massive amount of police forces surveilling the area but, alas, no security cameras.

Guitars, amps, pedalboards, drums, merchandise and personal belongings… a total amount of 25.000€ was stolen from both bands. They took everything. A full list can be found by clicking here.

The sad reality of this situation is that without any instruments we cannot continue as a band. We can’t play, rehearse, tour, record a new album. It took us years to buy our gear, and to start from absolutely nothing, without any help, means paralyzing anything we could do for a long time or seriously put ourselves into debt beyond what we can afford.

In the last few days we’ve received hundreds of messages and phone calls from friends and strangers; you’ve amazed us with your support, comprehension and indignation towards what happened. You helped us get back on our feet and empower us to immediately react to what happened, and for this we thank you.

We want to get back to what we know how to do best, play music, and we cannot do it without your help.
Our most spontaneous reaction to the problem is probably the most obvious: new music.

Nero di Marte and Void of Sleep will be recording a Split 7”, one piece of original music each. All proceeds from this new music, merchandise and packages on Indiegogo will be divided solely between the two bands to buy new gear.

Recording of the EP will be done at Studio 73 in Ravenna during this indiegogo campaign and we expect to have everything ready around June/July 2014.
Artwork will be done by Alex Eckman-Lawn.

If we can reach anywhere between 10 and 20k that would be a huge help in buying our gear. This EP will be made despite us reaching our goal.

Your donation means these two bands can continue to exist and put out new records this year. If you cannot donate yourself help us in spreading the word!

Thank you, we need your help!

Italy | Spring/Summer shows 2014

21 Mar
March 21, 2014

We’re announcing 10 shows in Italy in the next few months, including shows supporting Gorguts and Misery Index (29 Apr) and Dragged into Sunlight (30 Apr). See you there!

italy spring 2014


04 Mar
March 4, 2014

After 2+ years of working on new sounds and music we are ready to record our new album, out later this year via Prosthetic Records. Mixing and mastering will be handled once again by Riccardo Pasini, who will also be working on all the tracking at Studio 73 this April.

We still cannot put a finger on this formless, varied, obscure 60+ minutes of music we have written. It has been a very long process, but we’re very pleased of what we accomplished and cannot wait to share it with you.

“Time Dissolves” video premiere and Gorguts US/Canada tour

08 Oct
October 8, 2013

Revolver Magazine is premiering the new video for “Time Dissolves”!
The video was shot by Andrea Vespignani and features installations from polish artist Michal Puszczynski.

We are also extremely proud to announce our first US/Canada tour with Gorguts and Origin this December! Tickets go on sale this Friday!

12/11 Burlington, VT @ Nectar’s
12/12 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
12/13 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Theater
12/14 Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
12/15 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge *SOLD OUT*
12/16 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
12/17 Toronto, ON @ Wreck Room
12/18 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
12/19 Quebec City, QC @ Cegep de Limoilou
12/20 Montreal, QC @ La Tulipe
12/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus *SOLD OUT*

Gorguts_tour_admat_dates (1)

New T-Shirt Anoptikon

25 Jun
June 25, 2013

“Anoptikon” T-Shirt is now in stock!
Also – all items in our store are now non-exclusive to Italy, you can purchase directly on our official webstore.

Official website is live

25 Jun
June 25, 2013

Nero di Marte official website is now live, courtesy of Simone Bertozzi from The Heartwork.

Nero Di Marte Exclusive Full Album Stream on Metalsucks

11 Mar
March 11, 2013

In January I named Nero Di Marte’s forthcoming self-titled debut album my pick as The Album of 2013 That Will Fuck Your Face Off. This after I raved about them not once but twice in our Unsigned and Unholy series, back when they were called Murder Therapy. Now’s your chance to either tell me how right I was about this band or to call me out on my bullshit: your choice.

Nero Di Marte’s sound encompasses the churning, slow-grind death of Ulcerate, the fierce aggression of Gojira and the experimental and progressive elements of bands like The Ocean and Burst. See for you yourself. The album will definitely be in my top albums of 2013 list when December comes along, I can all but guarantee.
Nero Di Marte comes out on March 19th.


- Via Metalsucks

“Convergence” artwork video

07 Mar
March 7, 2013

Video for the album’s opening track “Convergence” is now online and can be viewed above – edited by Lorenzo Anceschi and featuring artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn.