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21 Jun
June 21, 2014

Tonight will be our last planned show with Void of Sleep after the terrible incident in Rome almost 3 months ago. Chalet Rock Pub in Costa Masnaga (LC) is one of the venues that is hosting us through the “Live Show” perk from the Indiegogo campaign. They are helping us immensely so we invite you to come and support this concert.

As far as the Indiegogo campaign packages, we fell a little behind our planned schedule but now everything is nearing completion. We will have downloads for who bought the digital EP available in early July and will start sending the physical 7” copies, shirts and other perks by August.
If you have purchased a shirt you will soon receive an email to sort out design and size details.

Finally, on an unrelated note, we have finished recording our second album, which will be released later this fall. More details very soon.

Thank you for your patience and immense support during these times.